A Personal Challenge for November 2020

This coming month I will be challenging myself to write a blog post each day to get this project off the ground. There is no specific theme or length requirements as of yet. Perhaps I will find them along the way but my goal is to make this my place to post personal opinions with minimal editing (acknowledging the costs and benefits of that strategy, of course).

The posts that will comprise this challenge will not be thoroughly researched or include more than the minimum citations needed to align my thoughts. They will likely draw heavily on ideas absorbed from other blogs and writers that I enjoy reading or listening to. The point of this project is not to create some cohesive, polished whole, rather to merely grease the wheels and get me more comfortable with a creative output and exposing my ideas to the world. Or at least the tiny number of inexplicably curious souls that follow my links to these posts.

This is all for now, I will detail my goals and requirements more thoroughly in a subsequent post.



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